Our Intentions

Ki Fitness & Health is driven by a mission to revive the vital life force within us all, so we may explore, express, share, and deepen our understanding of what it is to be alive in body & spirit.

  • To offer a space where individuals can receive guidance, encouragement, and education to restore and preserve their vitality, enhance their quality of life, and enrich their spirit.
  • To empower individuals to adopt positive and lasting lifestyle changes.
  • To promote and lend support for personal responsibility in fitness & health.
  • To build a strong community around fitness & health, and foster healthy relationships among industry professionals, their clients, and the public.
  • To become leaders in healthy living, and to help set in motion ripples of change in our immediate and extended communities.

Our Inspirations

Ki Fitness & Health is guided by core values that shape our beliefs, direct our actions, and lead our way.

  • Health: physical, mental, spiritual and environmental vitality.
  • Education: lifelong learning and sharing of knowledge.
  • Balance: growth through continual improvements for sustainable change.
  • Integrity: committed, truthful, and realistic.
  • Community: connecting to the immediate, reaching without boundaries, recognizing diversity and seeking equality.


Don't hesitate to contact us at any time for more information – we'd love to hear from you!