Meet the Team

Our community at Ki Fitness & Health is small but vibrant. Our atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and if you're looking for the right place to pursue your fitness & health goals, look no further. Our studio hosts a collective of top-notch fitness & health practitioners, certified, educated, experienced, and committed to supporting your journey.


Certified Personal Trainer &
Corrective Exercise Specialist
Martial Arts & Yoga Instructor
Founder & Owner of Ki Fitness & Health

Jared shares over 20 years of experience in the fitness & health industry and has multiple areas of expertise: certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, martial arts instructor (3° blackbelt, Renbukai karate; 2° blackbelt, Ryūkyū Kobudō), and yoga teacher (Ashtanga/Yin/Hatha).

Jared has a knowledge-based, evidence-informed approach, and a realistic, adaptable training style. He values continuous education and professional development, and keeps current with emerging research and relevant industry trends. Jared's experience is extensive, he enjoys the diversity of his clientele – from general fitness enthusiasts to athletes, youth to older adults, and everyone in between – and supports each based on their specific goals, needs, strengths, and limitations.

  • Functional training for daily living, work, leisure, recreation, and sport.
  • Corrective exercise for muscle imbalances, posture dysfunction, movement inefficiencies, injury prevention, and pain management.
  • Pre/Post-Rehab to prepare for/recover from musculoskeletal surgery and to support old injuries.
  • Strength and conditioning, weight loss/management, and sports performance.

Easy-going yet thorough, Jared is committed to your pursuit of a fitter and healthier lifestyle. During sessions with Jared, you are sure to work hard but efficiently, have a laugh, gain some knowledge, and emerge rejuvenated and energized. Jared's endless dedication, enthusiasm, and belief in his clients is your recipe for sustainable, life-affirming results.

Jared Sato, Founder & Owner of Ki Fitness & Health, Courtenay, BC

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Garrett Seibel CHEK Practitioner 2, PPSC

Holistic Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

Garrett started his fitness career as a CrossFit coach in 2011 and has been constantly growing and evolving his fitness, health and coaching philosophies ever since.

While personal fitness coaching is the crux of Garrett’s offerings, the holistic approach he takes to the assessment, education and coaching of his clients extends well beyond just the physical realm.

Physical Autonomy is one of Garrett’s core values, and he is constantly developing himself both as an athlete and as a coach to help his clients define and develop the mindset and physical attributes which allow them to look, feel and perform their best in all of life’s adventures.

Garrett sees himself as a lifelong student and draws from many styles, perspectives and modalities in his ever-evolving professional development.

Some of the courses and certifications Garrett has completed include:

  • CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Level 2
  • CHEK Integrated Movement Science - Level 2
  • GMB Trainer
  • GMB Focused Flexibility Specialist
  • Pain Free Performance Specialist (PPSC)
  • CrossFit Level 1

For more information about Garrett’s experience and coaching process you can visit his website at:

Garrett Seibel, Courtenay, BC, Comox Valley

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Kennedy Kinghorn LMT (INAC), CPT, HFS, C.H.E.K. II

Kennedy Kinghorn, owner of Thrive Unlimited, is a specialist in Functional Movement & Performance Training. Kennedy offers an innovative approach to functional, integrated training.

Services include: exercise instruction for injury reduction/rehabilitation, functional strength training, energy system conditioning, and hands-on bodywork. Clients are closely supervised with attention to proper technique and safety. Kennedy's athletes include: mountaineers, climbers, swimmers, cyclists, runners, kayakers, skiers, triathletes, thru hikers, hockey players, etc.

Kennedy's education and credentials include:

  • Corrective Bodyworker
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Health & Fitness Specialist
  • Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiologist
  • Current American Red Cross Standard First Aid, CPR and AED certifications

For more information about Kennedy's experience and coaching process you can visit his website at:

Kennedy Kinghorn, Courtenay, BC, Comox Valley

For further information or to contact Kennedy directly:

  • 250.732.5113


Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Justin received a Bachelor's Degree in Sport & Fitness Leadership from Camosun College where he focused on outdoor leadership, health promotion, and strength & conditioning. He is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Strength & Conditioning Specialist, and has worked with high performance athletes, cardiac rehab clients, and those looking to improve their overall health.

Over the past 9 years Justin has been coaching clients and has helped them build the skills and routines to achieve their goals. His patience, communication skills, and undeniable enthusiasm make him an incredibly versatile coach to work with. Justin believes that physical activity is not only good for the body but helps a person grow and develop confidence in all aspects of life, blending together mental and physical fitness.

When Justin isn't mountain biking you can find him trail running, hiking or camping all over the Comox Valley. You may also find him in the kitchen cooking up deliciously healthy adventure fuel.

Justin Wolfe, Courtenay, BC, Comox Valley

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Sophie Simard BA, BEd, RYT

Sophie is a friendly face often found behind the scenes at the studio; she is co-owner and administrator of Ki Fitness & Health. Outside the office, Sophie is also qualified to offer yoga therapy and yoga classes. As an active member of our community, Sophie is a public school teacher by day, and an active lifestyle and nature enthusiast. A busy mom of two, Sophie loves to walk early in the morning, cycle to commute and for pleasure, hike and camp, skate ski, and play recreational sports; she is always up for an adventure, and values connecting with others through movement and music (yes, she also teaches music). With Sophie, you are certain to feel her pulsating energy and enthusiasm.

Sophie Simard, Certified Yoga Therapist & Yoga Instructor, Courtenay, BC

For studio-related questions and concerns, contact Sophie directly:

  • 250.792.3173