Our Logo

The Ki Fitness & Health logo is in the style of Japanese brush art. A simple brushstroke ensō encircles an Arbutus tree. The characteristic peeling bark of the Arbutus washes down the trunk where it gives rise to an ensō at its roots.

Our ensō represents wholeness and completeness, but also signifies a continuous and unending journey. The Arbutus symbolizes new-life, growth, strength, balance, and integrity.

(aka Arbutus Menziesii, Madrone, Madrona)

  • Native to the Pacific Northwest and Vancouver Island.
  • Renewing: sheds bark each summer to reveal a smooth green trunk, that’s cool to touch, which ages and turns dark red over the year. A broadleaf evergreen, which continuously drops and buds new leaves.
  • Rugged: often grows near the ocean, clinging to rocky bluffs and crags, enduring the harsh winds, rain, and snow of winter and dry hot summers.
  • Resourceful: twists and turns to find sun over competing foliage; will drop a branch when sunlight exposure is too low, and will grow a new one in a more advantageous position; can allow branches or parts of the trunk to die to conserve energy in drought.
  • Resilient: if ever fallen, it will continue to grow as long as it is still rooted, growing new branches to face the sun.
  • Revered: sacred to the indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest. Known as the Tree of Depth and Integrity, and symbolic of protection and safety. The Salish First Nation refers to it as their Tree of Knowledge because it knows how to find the sun. Stands for the balance of darkness and light.


  • Common subject of Japanese calligraphy, and a concept strongly associated with Zen.
  • An “expression of the moment”.


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