Going Solo

Personal training is an individualized approach to fitness, health, and overall wellness. We offer personal training as a core service, and our private Courtenay, BC fitness studio is the ideal setting for you to get fit and healthy under the guidance of a qualified personal trainer.

Removed from the busyness and distractions of a crowded gym, here you can focus on you, and the undivided attention you receive in a one-on-one format will optimize the time and effort you have to dedicate to your training. A welcoming, clean, and supportive environment, our space is select, our equipment is of the highest quality, and our trainers first-rate – enjoy exceptional service at an exceptional studio!

Strength in Numbers

Semi-Private Training boasts the benefits of personal training in a setting of 2-6 participants. Train alongside others, but receive greater individualized attention not typically received in a small group/drop-in format. First and foremost, sessions consider the needs and goals of each participant, but can also be geared toward a collective training objective if any are shared (e.g., athletes of the same sport, weight-loss, specific skill development, etc.).

The camaraderie of semi-private training promotes additional accountability, motivation and consistency among its members, plus it’s more budget friendly than a personal service. Reach out now to see if there’s an existing bunch to join, or if you have a partner or crew already in mind to form a new semi-private cohort!

Ki Personal Trainers

Certified, educated, experienced, and dedicated to your success in fitness & health.

Share Our Space

Are you a personal trainer in need of space to offer your services from? Contact us now for information on how you can operate your independent business from our studio!


Contact us any time for more information on personal training or semi-private training – we'd love to hear from you!