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Your Premiere Comox Valley Personal Training Studio.
Located in Tin Town, Courtenay, BC, on Vancouver Island.
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Defining Ki...

Ki [kee] noun

  • (In Japanese) the circulating life force believed to be inherent in all things.
  • Energy, inner power, breath.
  • Equivalent to chi/ch’i/qi (in Chinese) or prana (in Sanskrit).
Ki Fitness & Health is a community space, designed to cultivate positive life energy (ki), a balanced lifestyle, and vitality of body & spirit.

Ki Fitness & Health offers:

Our Team

Certified, educated, experienced, and dedicated to your success in fitness & health.

Our Space

Beautifully finished, private, and fully equipped.

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Two fully-equipped, private studio rooms available to rent for personal training or individual workouts, and a multi-purpose room for small group fitness, martial arts, yoga, and more…