Our Offer

Operating out of "Tin Town" in Courtenay, BC, Ki Fitness & Health is optimally located to serve all communities in and around the Comox Valley. Ki Fitness & Health is a unique, beautifully finished, private studio that features two separate rooms: the Nishi/West Room for personal training, and the Higashi/East Room for martial arts, yoga & yoga therapy, dance, and other fitness & health classes.

  • Both rooms are self-contained and can be rented separately, or together. You’d have to be a real master to instruct in both rooms at once, but it’s an option!
  • Both rooms are fully stocked with high-end equipment for various fitness & health disciplines.
  • Both rooms have great flooring, a sound system, high ceilings, and plenty of natural lighting.
  • Plus there are change rooms, a shower, fountain, ample parking (bike or auto), and more...

... And we want to share it all with you!

Our Invitation

We welcome all types of trainers, teachers, instructors, coaches, and facilitators to offer their services at Ki Fitness & Health – we value diversity in our community, and welcome new faces to our growing list of professionals.

You may want to rent space for personal training, to teach a class, host a workshop, or for anything else you do – it’s up to you! We want to hear about what you are interested in offering so that together we can make it happen!

If you have a practice of your own (think martial arts, yoga, dance, acting, etc...) but don’t have space of your own to use, you too can rent ours!

Your Benefits

We want you to feel at home at Ki Fitness & Health, and we invite you to consider our space as if it were also your own. You can rent from us just once, but we’d love it if you were around more often so that we can grow together as a community.

By choosing to offer your services regularly at Ki Fitness & Health, you will be given the opportunity to advertise your business under our marketing umbrella. We would be happy to help facilitate exposure for your business via our website and other promotional material. We also offer rate incentives for multiple rental usage, and will assist you in finding clients – we want your business to thrive!

Strength in Numbers

The community at Ki Fitness & Health works together to care for and maintain our surroundings. We believe that a safe, clean, and comfortable work environment is important so that we may all offer our best service possible. We’re also always open to working together to create other new and exciting opportunities – and the opportunities are endless!

Opportunity Knocks

For more information on studio rental opportunities, or other inquiries, please contact us anytime – we'd love to hear from you!.