Martial Arts

Alive. Body & Spirit.

Ki Fitness & Health is your  Comox Valley martial arts studio.

Located in Tin Town, Courtenay, BC, on Vancouver Island.

The Way

Martial arts are more than just physical disciplines, and are studied for a variety of reasons. Students train to develop skills in self-defense, enhance fitness & health, and pursue competitive and sporting goals. Also, many of the classical martial arts are founded on ethical, moral and philosophical principles, and practiced for mental and spiritual development.

Ki Fitness & Health welcomes all styles of martial arts that follow principles of peace over violence, and harmony over hostility. We offer a clean and safe environment for training, and supply quality equipment and protective gear. Our Courtenay, BC fitness studio is ideal for small classes of eight or less students, which allows each participant focused attention from the instructor. Ki Fitness & Health welcomes martial artists of all ages and skill levels. We provide an ideal space to support the unearthing of each student’s own Way.

Ki Martial Arts Instructors

See who instructs martial arts at Ki Fitness & Health. Link to their personal website or contact them directly for information on their classes.

Studio Rental

If you are a martial arts instructor interested in hosting your classes at Ki Fitness & Health, please contact us for information about studio rental opportunities.


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